Sven Büchsenschmidt

Happiness is a warm gun.



Sven was born in 1896. He worked under his father Michel at the family’s munitions factory. They had been given a kind of “royal patent” by the Government and made munitions directly for them.
Sven’s father, a Patriot through and through, told his son to fight in the war (Great War), to “put their work to work”
Sven fought in the Western Front, before being gravely injured in the Battle of the Somme. A bullet, seemingly from nowhere as he was not at the very front, pierced his eye. He was left for dead, indeed he may have been dead, for he remembers no dream, no vision, nothing, but he woke up 500 miles away in clothes that were not his. On looking in a mirror he saw his eye was fine but for a kind of heterochromia. One blue eye, one dark brown eye, practically black, but that’s impossible…

He never returned to battle, and went back to work instead. He would end up taking over the business when his father died in 1932.

He doesn’t much care for the people running Germany, but they seem to like him. His business has opened three factories all over Germany, the flagship in Freiburg, one up at the Northern coast, in Kiel, and one in Essen, the Steel Center of Germany. He also keeps a home and office in Berlin, to be close to the people paying him. Sven knows that as long as he can sell his weaponry, and invent faster than the competition, he’ll stay ahead of all his enemies, and prevent making new ones.

Sven Büchsenschmidt

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