Sir Donal Kearney

Irish knight and mercenary


Charismatic, intelligent, and ambitious, Lord Kearney cuts an impressive figure in his gold and black armor and dog’s head helm. While his official sigil and sobriquet is the Black Dog, his ferocity and independent nature have made him more commonly known by other names. The Hell Hound’s ruthlessness on the battlefield is notable, as is the Mad Dog’s habit of quickly tiring of his employers. Yet, both those who have served for and against him have remarked on his peculiar code of honor, and his martial skills often make many lords consider his services well worth the risk.


In the Year of Our Lord Thirteen Seventy Sir Kearney’s life was ended by the lone wanderer Fennec in a duel for the honor of Lady Cosette de Saint-Michel.

Sir Donal Kearney

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