Swordsman and servant to the Lord Mayor


Born on the streets to a father he never knew, Johan had little he could count on growing up besides his younger brother Roderick and a natural skill with a sword. In the Year of our Lord 1418, he lost the latter in an exihibition duel with Inquisitor Caiphas Grey, and the former at the hands of the clockmaker Konrad Urmachen. Despite his master, the knight Maximilian, having been discovered as a traitor to the city of Freiburg (as well as rumored to have cavorted with dark powers) Johan was pardoned by Lord Mayor Ehrgeiz alongside his only other surviving companion, the archer Irvine.

A few months later, Johan saved Konrad from being executed by enforcers of the supposedly-deceased criminal Smiling Isaac, and in doing so ultimately rejected the path of vengeance and hatred that led to his brother’s death. Having infiltrated Isaac’s inner circle, he aided Konrad in destroying the villain and saving the city, at great personal injury. His loyalty more than proven, he then took up his position openly as one of the Mayor’s personal retainers and bodyguard.


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