Caiaphas Grey

A man of faith and conscience


A deacon of the Inquisition, Caiaphas worked tirelessly to fulfill his duty and root out the enemies of the church. That began to change when Adrock Blackwing abused his position in the church to have Caiaphas’ wife burned to the stake for witchcraft, a crime of which she was innocent. The generations long vendetta between the Grey and Blackwing families ha grown destructive and corruptive. He sent his daughter Leila away to a monastery to be kept safe from the conflict, where she proved not to be as safe as he would have hoped. Adrock found and kidnapped her, hoping to draw the girl’s father into a trap. Joining with Rickard Eismann, he found and slew the dark lord, who was found to be in league with dark powers, and walked free with his daughter. The conflict was done. Or so he hoped.


Caiaphas Grey

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